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• 9/4/2014


We, the Parliamentarian People, have convened and, by majority vote of the Congress assembled, in accordance with the will of the Ministry of the Parliamentarian Diplomatic Corps, agree to the following amended terms of the Treaty, established by the Republic of Evan.

We, the People of the Parliament establish henceforth, in agreement with The Republic of Evan, that the Republic of Evan will be properly referred to as the Galactic Republic or The Republic.

We will grant full amnesty, with the exceptions of maintaining the standing chat bans along with maintaining and keeping the criminal records once upheld by: Evan Alde. Evan Bane. Ward Infrablade. Firestar Bane. And Dirk Plasmahawk.

We will cease all conflict with the Republic of Evan, effective immediately, and pull back all forces to Parliament lands, using them for the sole purpose of the defense of our sovereign nation, the defense of our people, the defense of our ideology, and the defense of our way of life.

We believe, that in return, the Republic of Evan should agree to the following terms.

The Republic of Evan MUST no longer take aggressive action against the Parliament, be it politically, or militaristic, from this point forward.

The Republic of Evan must permanently remove all Members of the Ministry of Neutral Systems/The People's Parliament from the Bounty Boards and order all Bounty Hunters to cease attacks against Members of the Parliament.

The Republic of Evan must remove all standing bans both chat and wiki alike for all Ministry Members.

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• 9/4/2014
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