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• 9/22/2014

Urgent News on the Galactic Republic!

This Emergency News Report has been broadcast to the Parliamentarian People through the cooperation of:

The Ministry of Publicity: The Advocates of our Parliament

The Ministry of Censorship and Decency: Keeping Your Eyes Clean, Your Ears Clear, and Your Mind, Pure.

The Ministry of Intelligence


An Update on the State of the Galactic Republic.

Members of the Sovereign State of the People's Parliament. The Ministry of Intelligence reports, in cooperation with the Militaristic State of the Night Ravens, that the Evan crisis is approaching an end. An intense battle between the Galactic Republic and the Night Ravens resulted in a heavy depletion of Republic forces. Such, provided the Night Ravens perfect opportunity to eliminate and end the Evan Crisis.

The Capitol of the Galactic Republic (controlled by Alde's Forces), Alderaan was later seized and is currently under Night Raven control. The Planets of Ilum and Corellia, also Republic controlled planets are being invaded by Night Ravens forces, and have been met with little to no resistance from the Republic. The Night Ravens claim that the threat of Evan is becoming minimal if not non-existent.

High Profile Talks Begin Among the Prime Minister and the Minister of War

Swtor 2014-09-20 18-13-57-108

High Profile talks have begun among the Ministries, more specifically, the Ministry of War, and the Prime Minister. Current discussions talk of how to respond to the current weakened. if not defeated, State of the Republic. Re-engagement against the Republic has been deemed a possibility, but is unlikely due to the standing treaty.

Swtor 2014-09-20 18-14-31-999

It is most likely that the Parliament will decide to further investigate these claims of total defeat of the Republic, and will send a small amount of troops to the Night Ravens' operations to confirm the defeat of the Republic.

Swtor 2014-09-20 18-15-02-507

Should the Republic prove to be undefeated, the Parliament will most likely stand neutral in the affair and conflicts following, maintaining and upholding the treaty in place with the Republic. Should however the Republic be defeated, the Parliament will know peace knowing the Evan crisis has been averted and dealt with. The Prime Minister and the Minister of War refused to comment.


"Powered by the People. Today. Tomorrow. And Forever."


This Announcement has been approved by the Ministry of Censorship and Decency.

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• 9/21/2014
LordKantor wrote:

To take it in the rear

• 9/22/2014

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