This Emergency News Report has been broadcast to the Parliamentarian People through the cooperation of:

The Ministry of Publicity: The Advocates of our Parliament

The Ministry of Censorship and Decency: Keeping Your Eyes Clean, Your Ears Clear, and Your Mind, Pure.

The Ministry of Intelligence

The Ministry of War

The Prime Minister

The so-called “Alliance for Peace” has issued public threats against Parliamentarian Citizens who have simply enacted their rights to the Freedom of Speech and of the Press. Parliamentarians who have expressed criticism of the Alliance for Peace have been faced with threats, in which violate basic Parliamentarian Rights of which are listed as, in the Constitution of the People’s Parliament, as the Sovereign Right to, “Live, Survive, and Thrive…”

The Senate of the People’s Parliament has voted unanimously to declare war on the Alliance, as in response to the threats.


The Declaration of War Passed by the Senate.

The Prime Minister addressed the Public in a Speech, in response to the threats against Parliamentarian Citizens. “Only a tyrannical and oppressive government would threaten the very basic rights of Freedom of Speech, Press, Opinion, and Criticism. It is but placed upon the Parliamentarian People to rid the galaxy of such an abomination. The Senate has made a wise decision, declaring War on this hypocritical Alliance for Peace. The Confederate Democratic-Republic of the People’s Parliament will respond in full force, and we are determined to remove this atrocity from the beauty that is our Galaxy.”

The Ministry of War, the Ministry of Intelligence, and the Prime Minister have confirmed the Parliament is now in a State of War, and have begun dispatching The Parliamentarian Fleets to eliminate the TAFP Threat.


"Powered by the People. Today. Tomorrow. And Forever."


This Announcement has been approved by the Ministry of Censorship and Decency.