Hello And Welcome To The United Empire's Wiki! We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

"Powered by The People. Today, Tomorrow, and Forever!"

-The Motto of the United Empire

The United Empire was created to ensure two key ideologies:

 Sincerity, through Mercy, Kindness, Pacifism, and Democracy.

Strength, through Solidarity, Passion, Action, and Justice.

"The Empire continues to stand firm with these two ideologies, neither light nor dark dominating them, but rather a beautiful and scintillating balance between them. This is what makes us free. It is what makes us just. It is what makes us. Proud to be United Imperial."

- Daniel Greenpulser, our Emperor.


On this wiki, you are given the privilege to learn about the complete history of The United Empire of Planetary Systems! You can learn about the members individually, or you can learn about the group as a whole! Have a question? Please feel free to message Daniel Greenpulser, the Emperor himself by clicking here! And also remember to drop by the chat to speak with everyone here!